Programs to help you run a more efficient & effective business
What’s missing from your business strategy?
​Tap into Six Elements with one or more of these proven programs:

Automated engagement for prospects & clients.

​Use our Wellness Assessment to automatically gather leads & learn more about your audience.  We can also customize assessments for your specific business needs.

Targeted, timely content to your audience

We can create, or work with you, to develop content for your monthly newsletter that encourages clients & prospects to do more business with you.

We provide feedback & reports to track performance.

Loyalty Referral & Reward Programs

​​Incentivize your clients to do more business, more frequently by providing rewards when they invest in their health and refer friends & family.

Facing tough business decisions?
Let our exerience & expertise help.

We help you stay focused on your priorities and get the results you are after.  Our approach helps you gain fresh perspectives on obstacles and generate creative, comprehensive solutions.


​- Automatically gather leads (via website, Facebook or LinkedIn)

- Send your assessment to prospects to provide them with value & let them learn more about your business

- Have your current clients take the quiz & discover other products & services you can provide.

You can use our Wellness Assessment (check it out here) or we can customize one unique to your specifications.

​Each month, we create a visually appealing newsletter containing content that encourages engagement via quizzes, trackable links & incentives to do business with you.

You can plug into our Wellness Newsletter Template (Contact Us for a sample) or we can work with you to develop one unique to your specifications.


Wellness Questionnaire
A simple form to learn more about what products & services you could be offering your clients

Wellness Points
Increase customer loyalty & engagement by providing points for purchases - trackable via our Progress Tracker

Wellness Vouchers
Promote additional products & services via a coupon sheet that encourages clients to spend points (& dollars) in your business

Referral Points
Use our templates to educate, encourage & reward customers for referrals

Client Communication
Monthly points updates to keep your brand top of mind

Monthly Meetings
We analyze Program activity, client behavior, and adjust the program for maximum effect

We can get your Wellness Benefits Program up & running within 5 business days!


These meetings are specifically structured to generate real solutions & actionable results.  We specialize in turning problems into opportunities and maximizing all opportunities.
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